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EMAX MT1806 2280kv Motor

EMAX MT1806 2280kv Motor

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Part Number:EMX-MT-0003
Durable and strong motors perfect for spinning 5" props on 3S-4S set-ups. Built with Japanese NMB bearings and a Kawasaki stator, these motors will satisfy the power-hunger in all of us. 2280kv provides the RPM to drive 4 and 5" props up to screaming Formula 1 car speeds. Each motor weighs 26 grams. Includes mounting screws and a HEX tool.

Height: 1.05 Inches (26.7mm)
Width: 0.90 Inches (23mm)
Weight: 18 Grams
RPM/V: 2280KV
Battery: 2-4S Lithium Polymer
Mounting Pattern: 2x 12mm and 2x 16mm
Motor Mount Hole Size: M2
Propeller Shaft Size: 5mm
Screw rotation: "Plus" / clockwise

200 Grams (5030 w/ 2S @ 4.4A)
375 Grams (5030 w/ 3S @ 8.0A)
485 Grams (6030 w/ 3S @ 11.0A)

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