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Dys 1806 Black Series Motors 1400kv

Dys 1806 Black Series Motors 1400kv

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Part Number:DYS-1806-1400
DYS final released BE series super strength out-runner multicopter dedicated brushless motor, The BE series motor is with Kawasaki, Japan 1200 # 0.2mm high efficiency silicon steel and 40UH high temperature powerful magnet. Selected the Japanese NSK pure imported bearings to reduce motor vibration, shell using high-precision CNC machining and professional balancing test, making concentricity, balance is, , greatly enhanced. DYS BE Series multicopter dedicated motor perfectly compatible with more than 99% of commercially available brushless ESC.
Brand: DYS
Item No: BE1806
Item name: 1806 1400KV Brushless Motor
KV: 1400
Configu ration: NP
Stator diameter: 23
Stator length: 18.5mm
Output shaft diameter: 2.0mm
Motor Dimensions(Dia.xLen): F23×18.5mm
N.W.: 18g
No.of Cells(Lipo): 2-4S
Max.current: 5.4A
Max.power: 79.9W
Low vibration motor great for flying
To make aircraft more stable
Less operating noise
More efficient
Bearings long life
Package included: 
1 x DYS BE1806 1400KV Brushless Motor

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