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Dual Power Distrobution Board W/ OSD and Dual Voltage 5v 12v 3 amp Bec

Dual Power Distrobution Board W/ OSD and Dual Voltage 5v 12v 3 amp Bec

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This MXK Power Distribution Board Provides Dual Power of 5v for your Flight Controller and 12v of filtered power for upto 3 amps to Power all your FPV Gear . It also offers a Unique OSD that gives Vital Data like Voltage, Time and other Key Info. It can be loaded with several differnt OSD options like KVteam,MWOSD firmware  It is a great choice where space, Budget and performance is needed.

Installation Hole Distance: 30.5mm(support for Naze32 CC3D,SP3, APMetc., the flight controller in 36*36 hole distance)
Function: PDB, Dual way BEC, LC Filter, OSD, Auto disconnect function between OSD and FC
Input Voltage: Support 2-6S,when the input voltage is 2-3S , can choose the 12V output via welding spot for battery voltage. The camare and VTX voltage can choose the 5V 12V via welding spot.
PCB with 2oz copper foil 4 layer board, ensure the large current.
Welding plate of battery and ESC arranged in pairs, more convenient for soldering.
Dual way BEC, DC-DC synchronous rectifier 5V voltage regulation(3A),come with LC filter.
With OSD function, support KVteam,MWOSD firmware etc., comes with FTDI
When OSD connect to PC, it will auto disconnect with flight controller,TX RX
Package Included: 
1 x PDB

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