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DYS XM 10 Amp Mini ESC OPTO w/BLHeli Firmware for High KV Motors

DYS XM 10 Amp Mini ESC OPTO w/BLHeli Firmware for High KV Motors

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Perfect ESC's for high KV Mini Quad Motors

This DYS XM10 ESC has been specifically designed for the high KV motors of the small multi-rotors in mind. As well as using small high speed processors to get the size down the weight has also been keep down to 4.5g. Making this ESC an excellent addition to 120 or smaller size multi-rotors. Supporting refresh rates of throttle signal up to a maximum of 500Hz, which is compatible with all flight controllers. Also supporting ultra-high speed Oneshot125 and 3000Hz high refresh rate for fast response, better throttle linearity and making it the first choice for multi-rotor and racing frames..

â€Ã‚¢ Specifically for small Multi-rotors
â€Ã‚¢ Specially designed to support high KV motors
â€Ã‚¢ Fast processing speed
â€Ã‚¢ Throttle signal is twisted pair cable, to reduce the signal crosstalk
â€Ã‚¢ Miniaturized and ultra-low resistance MOSFET to improve efficiency
â€Ã‚¢ Throttle lever travel and other settings are available to be set by USB linker

Throttle Signal Freq: 20-500Hz / Oneshot125 Ultra high speed
Firmware: BLHeli
Continuous Current: 10A
Instant Current: 13A
Battery: 2-3S LiPoy
Dimensions: 23 x 12 x 4.5mm
Weight: 4.5g

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