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DRAK 200mw 5.8G 40 Channel FPV AV Transmitter

DRAK 200mw 5.8G 40 Channel FPV AV Transmitter

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Part Number:DGR-TX5812
Dragon Rider Drak 200mW, 5.8G Hz, 40 channel wireless AV transmitter with 5V and 7-19V DC output.

First of all, Drak video transmitter provides clean and sharp images great for FPV flight.

This product features 40 channels, including those of R band required for a lot of events. By long press of the "Channel" key it can change to A B E F R bands, and short press to change frequencies that is indicated by numbers 1 to 8. The bands are indicated by A B F R LED lights respectively, and band E with all four lights on.

Drak transmitter can accept a wide range of DC input from 6 to 20V, meaning 2S to 4S LiPo can be used directly to power up the unit. It also has a 5V DC output and a 7-19V output that will be the same as input voltage.

Package contains a Drak AV transmitter, an antenna, a FPV cable, and a cable for GoPro.

200mW output power
A B E F R bands and 40 channels, including racing frequencies
Optimized for clean and sharp images

Frequencies (in MHz)

*Note: Four channels in band E are merged to be legally used in USA.

Bands: A B E F R
Frequency: 40 Channels
Output Power: 200mW
Input Voltage: 7-20V
Input Current: 300mA maxiumun (at 12V)
Output: 5 and 7-19V
Antenna Connector: SMA
Dimensions: 32X24X10mm
Weight: 11 grams

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