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DALRC Multi-function OSD System QOSD V1.5 W/GPS

DALRC Multi-function OSD System QOSD V1.5 W/GPS

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Part Number:DAL-QOSD-GPS
Our new Favorite OSD for small compact wings and Mini Quads. The QOSD provides a plethora of information. Fully Configurable and shows Artificial Horizon along with GPS and Voltage Data


QOSD is fully independent and has the built-in sensor of OSD system. It can upgrade firmware online. There is a compass, barometer, gyroscope, accelerometer, complete flight data display. It supports GPS, RSSI signal. Can connect to the receiver to control the OSD switch.


DALRC Multi-function OSD System QOSD V1.5

- Weight: 4 g
- Main board size: 36.7x19.6MM
- Sensor: compass, barometer, gyroscope, accelerometer
- Working voltage: 6-26V (with transposition protection)
- Working temperature: -15-75 degree Celsius

GPS Parameters:
- Chip: 6M Ublox
- Weight: 6 g
- Size: 25.5x25.5MM
- Length: 18CM
- Baud rate: 38400

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