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Atmospheric Adventures Ares Mini 2.5 inch

Atmospheric Adventures Ares Mini 2.5 inch

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Notes from the Team-Legit Tech Bench
Our Ares 2.5" kits come with the Micro Cam Pod, suitible for mounting the Runcam Micro Swift camera.

This Ares frame, as well as the Aeolus, make great carbon upgrade frames for the guts of a Baby Hawk.

The Ares frames are longer in width than length, which boosts cornering ability.  Alternatively, the Aeolus frames are longer in length than width, which boosts top speed.

POD now available on Thingiverse


This 2.5-inch micro creation comes from the wonderful mind of Atmo's own T.G.O. After taking the time to find the smallest platform possible for brushless motors, while still allowing for a pod that comfortably fits all your micro electronics safely inside. This pod is designed for a micro 3-in-1 Camera-VTX-Antenna combo that uses a dipole. 

Perfectly paired for the new DYS 11-series motors and 4-in-1 10A ESCs this build will be light weight and powerful for its size. 

Disclaimer: DYS may put different size screws in their motor bags. Just because we reccommend motors for a frame does not mean just ram the screws in. ;) Check tolerances and make sure you will not be putting a screw into a winding. People have done this in the past and asked for new motors due to not checking for themselves.


2mm Bottomplate: 9g

TPU Pod: 6g



11x 8mm Nylon Screws

3x M3 Nylon Nuts

5x 6mm Standoffs

4x Big O-rings


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